Monday, September 3, 2012

August 2012

It was a busy month in the studio and on our little farm.  With all the 16 grandkids gone, it's been a little quiet, but it's given me time to get back into the studio.  The first piece I did was a small commission piece called SPRING DAISIES (18"x 18")

                                                                 SPRING DAISIES

The next piece I painted was inspired by the upcoming Presidential elections here in the U.S.  I believe that a typical cowboy, when asked which political party he or she belonged to, the answer would be something like:  "I don't know, I just an American."  So this 33" x 44" painting is titled PATRIOTS.


 I promised myself that every month I would paint a painting just for the fun of it - not for hire or money.  I did this little study of my six year old granddaughter Nora giving my son Michael a drink of cool water.  I tried to make it look like it was a scene from the early 1900.  It was a fun exercise and I'm anxious to do it again, but much larger (maybe next month).  So here's the painting.

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