Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in the Studio

Now that it's snowing and cold outside - IT TIME TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT PAINTING.  Here are a few of new pieces (all watercolors).

This one is called MILK MAN (43"x28")  The big mild container was especially fun to paint.

In High School me and my buddies spent hours cruising main.  This piece is called CRUISING MAIN IN GILBERT ARIZONA (23"x44)

This is our son Michael.  He's not a very subtle fisherman.  Forget the rod and reel!  This one is called BIG RAINBOW.

One of the greatest things about living on a farm in Northern Idaho is that all our grandkids come and spend time with us.  This is a painting of our two oldest grandchildren - Dianna and David.  This one is called HOPE (20"x20")

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OUR BANFF TRIP - OCTOBER 2013 - Jeanne, Nelson, and Cameron McKay

This is one of the great slot canyons in Banff

The Gorgeous Cardston Temple
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More January work

Three Brothers - 13"x 44" watercolor.
Because the barn is always about 20 degrees cooler in the summer (and the winter), it's a good
place for an afternoon nap.

This piece is called OLD PATRIOT 
40" X  53" watercolor.  The goal here was to make the leather look so old that it was smooth and soft with an worn out American flag pattern.

Busy January

Years ago I attended a Rodeo
in Payson, Arizona.  This is where I spotted these incredible boots on a real rough cowboy.
This piece is called CIRCA 1923 - 44" X 44" original watercolor.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

CHRISTMAS in Sandpoint, Idaho

 Our daughter Melani, our son Michael and one of our grandsons Joshua on one of our many snowshoeing expeditions overlooking Sandpoint.

We spend hours snuggling with the grandkids in front of the wood stove.  These grandkids are our treasures.


BRING IT ON!!  (44" x 36")  This is a piece I've wanted to paint for a long time.  It's of a young cowboy friend of mine named Zane.  This watercolor that will be part of the Legacy Gallery 25th Anniversary celebration coming up in March 2013.