Monday, February 8, 2010


People often ask Nelson what artists have influenced his work. That is always an interesting question, and one that I would like to give some insight to. This is Nelson's mother Clara in 1937. Clara was an amateur artist her whole life. She worked in oils and also did some stunning work on china. She loved to create beauty. Early on in Nelson's life she recognized his gift and talent. She always made sure that no matter where they lived whether in Argentina, Uruguay, California or Arizona that Nelson always had a place to create. That was a real gift for a young boy. Another gift that she gave was that she always told Nelson that if someone else could do something so could he, he could accomplish anything he wanted in this world. With that kind of influence Nelson had the courage to try and try again, to study, observe, try new things and test new ideas. Not everyone who loves art has had that kind of encouragement. So who has had the greatest influence on Nelson's art. No question, definitely his mother.