Tuesday, August 7, 2012


In September 2011 Jeanne and I left for a great 10 month adventure in China.  Our assignment was to teach oral English to PHD Engineering/Architectural students at Tianjin University located in Northeast China.  It was wonderful to live on campus among the students and teachers. Our students were delightful kind, respectful, bright and lots of fun.  We found the language to be “near impossible” especially for someone like me who is tone deaf. 

Jeanne doing Karaoke with some of the students

The students respected our beliefs and served us no alcohol.

Sam, Tom, Jack, & Jim

The Bike

This is the Chinese symbol for Eternal Happiness

Jeanne and I took the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the vast land mass of China.  We found China and the people to be extremely interesting and very friendly.  We were so interested with the people that we ended up take over 5000 photos especially the elderly.  Their deep wrinkled faces reflect their survival of extremely hard times during the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward (1950 to 1970).  In many cases their countenance also reflect an inner peace now that they live in a relatively secure and prosperous environment.

Dr. Seuss Mountains–Li River in Southern China

I took the chance to do some quick, small studies of the Great Wall, indigenous people from Southeast China and even a charging Rhino.  I am anxious to do some full size China paintings especially a very large one of the Great Wall of China located in a remote area of Tianjin Province in Northeast China.

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