Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's in Cartersville Georgia?

Nelson and I just got back this afternoon from Cartesville Georgia and a working trip to the Booth Museum, if you can call the southern hospitality we received work. It was a mind expanding experience and the two days that I was able to enjoy the art while Nelson worked wasn't nearly enough for me to see and expereince everything there was to learn and enjoy. It is an art museum that carries significant work and a wonderful collection. The building itself is beautiful . Take some time and learn more about the museum on their website Of course their site can in no way really give you a sense of the treat the awaits. I also got to meet Jack Morris of Morris Whiteside Gallery in Hilton Head North Carolina. He has been so good to Nelson and I over the years. It was great to finally put a face with the voice of this really wonderful southern gentleman.Natalie and Lisa were amazing and spent countless hours preparing for Nelson's watercolor workshop. The museum staff is the finest I've experienced , their creativity and hard work are evident in everything they do. They love their jobs and the community and that love shows.
The museum asks their visiting artist to do a quick sketch on these large canvases in the member's lounge. Here Nelson is hanging up the canvas after finishing his two minute cowboy.

Starting the sketch.

Teaching the watercolor class. Nelson hasn't put on his painting t-shirt yet which was suppose to save his good shirt which it did, but he did manage to paint his jeans. He has ruined countless shirts forgetting that his shirt isn't for wiping his brushes on so now he just wears old t-shirts unless he forgets and goes out to the studio to just do one little thing an realizes he has wiped his brush on a dress shirt.

The class at the end of the day. These people were astounding, such enthusiasm and excitement for art. After seven hours they were still ready for more.
I can't say enough good things about the museum, Cartersville, the people we were able to associate with and the lessons they taught us. It was FABULOUS!

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