Thursday, March 18, 2010

Painting Upside Down and Right Side Up

The mural is being laid out and painted in sections. Nelson is finishing the first section minus the background. He needed to climb up on the table to get to certain pieces of the painting. Because the paper is so big it is a lot harder to turn. Nelson is loving the scale of this piece, he is having way too much fun.
Everything had to be scaled since he is using several different photographs to compose the piece. You can see from this photo he has been painting upside down.

Here he is doing the intial scratching on the first section of the painting. Tonight he will lay out the next section, it will be over eight feet long. That much paper is a lot to handle, it really ought to be a three person job but this afternoon we managed it with two.


  1. Jeanne thanks for posting this blog, I just came across it. I am an artist and love seeing how other artists work and what they are doing. Nelson's work has always been a stand out. I am excited to see more on the commission. Thanks!

  2. Shannon, thanks for writing and I'm glad you like Nelson's work. Blogging is new to me so I'm glad there is an interest. Jeanne