Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catch Up

Nelson has been really busy the last few weeks. He has deadlines on three really nice and quite large pieces so he is painting like a maniac. He has been experimenting with varnishing his work. So far he has only varnished a few small paintings. I love the results. It brings a greater depth to his washes and layering of the pigmant. He will varnish the Jackson painting even though it will be under clear protection (I can't remember what material he decided on). He goes with seven coats. One of the drawbacks of watercolor is the damage moisture can do to the painting. With the varnishing the water runs off the painting like a dream. It's been a great discovery thanks to a friend who also paints watercolor Chuck Middlekauff. You can see his work at I am always amazed at how willing artists are to share their talents and techniques with others.

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