Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Put modeling on the resume.

Over the years our children and their friends and now their spouses have modeled for Nelson. It sounds pretty glamourous unless he get an idea that he wants to explore on film in the dead of winter or when it's flame'n hot outside. Payday usually comes in the form of an afternoon behind the ski boat. Soon the grandchildren will be in the boots, the skirts, chaps, hats and gloves and another generation will be able to put modeling on their resume.

Here are some of our children helping him put together a shoot for a mural he is doing for the new Jackson Hole airport. He's really excited about this commission. It offers some unique challenges and he loves a good problem to solve. One of those challenges is how to frame and glass a piece that will be over twenty feet long.

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  1. Did you ever figure out how to frame the artwork for Jackson Hole? I remember reading an article in a professional photography magazine on a company that specializes in that; however, I can't recall what their name is off the top of my head. If you haven't found a solution, I can try and find out who they are.

    Jeff Hansen