Monday, March 9, 2009


Blogging is a new tool for me and I’m excited to dive in and see what happens. My wife Jeanne and I live in Sandpoint, Idaho (50 south of the Canadian boarder). Here, on our little farm, we raised our seven incredible children, several cats, dogs, sheep, cows…etc. It’s been a great place to live, raise kids, fish, hike, fix fences, garden…and of course paint. My studio is a remodeled tractor shed with great natural light and an incredible view of Shwitzer Mountain ski resort. We love the mountains, rivers, lakes, and the people here. Today was a good example of why we love living here: My good friend Ken picked me up at 10:00 am and we headed for a little fishing on the Clark Fork River thirty minutes from the house. You ask: Did you catch anything? Never ask a true fisherman that question…but it was nice to get out.

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  1. Nelson, I just disovered your work in "Cowboys and Indians" magazine...I love it! I grew up (mostly) In Hope. My mother still lives there. Her name is Vira Allen incase you know her.I am also an artist you can see my work at Keep up the good work